Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Read to Me Picture Book Challenge

Picture Book Number 1
Bats at the Beach
Written and Illustrated by
Brian Lies 
How delicious-oh, how sweet,
To feel warm sand beneath our feet.
Quick, set up-spread blankets on sand!
We want to get going when fun is at hand.
We hurry down to test the ocean.
Don't forget the moon-tan lotion!
What's the first thing we should do?
So many games before night's through.

This is a delightful book written in rhyme about the adventures bats have at the beach. My students loved this book. The illustrations captivated them and kept them laughing. This is the first time in a read aloud that they did not want me to turn the page. They wanted to look at every detail Brian Lies added to every picture.  So did I! On a scale of one to ten, my students gave this book a thumbs up and a big 10.  It will definitely be a favorite for your child too.


  1. Good for you for joining the picture book challenge! I participated last year, and found it was a fabulous experience. (Not enough hours in the day this year!)

    I love hearing that your class didn't want you to turn the page until they'd seen every detail of the illustrations. That says so much about the illustrator! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The first Bats book by Brian Lies I read to my kids was Bats at the Library! Great bunch of books he created. That's wonderful your students enjoyed it.

    Also, I wanted to mention that your interview is up and ready on my blog today. Thanks again for helping me out with it :)

  3. Book sounds so cute. I love books that rhyme. They are my favorite. Glad to find your blog too!

  4. I have not read Bats at the Library, but I will definitely put it on my book list.

  5. Hi Cheryl,

    Found your blog through the 12 x 12 facebook group. Always nice to meet other PB writers!
    I also have a daughter in second grade. What a fun age to teach!


  6. Thanks for stopping by Corey. I do love teaching second grade. I teach at an inner city elementary school. Most of my students are not read to at home, so I try to chose books that will inspire them to want to read.

  7. Always glad to hear about a book that makes kids laugh. I also love books that have the kind of detail that they want to pore over. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Love the illustration information. I like books where we can discover something new with each reading.