Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year , Fresh Start!

Today is January 1st, 2012!  I am not one to make New Year Resolutions because I know myself to well. My intentions are commendable but that is just about as far as it goes.  My motto for 2012 is "New Year -Fresh Start." There are only 4  things I want to accomplish this year.( not in any order)

1. Invest more time on me.

2.Invest more time with my Family

3. Invest more time studying  the Bible.

4. Write something every day.

  I don't want more money,(you can't take it with you),  and don't want more things, (I have too many to keep up with now) If I can do those 4 things, I will be happy! I want  to live this year with no regrets.

                                                Happy New Year !


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