Sunday, February 19, 2012

Read To Me Challenge- Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

Bear Snores On
By Karma Wilson
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Awards: This wonderful picture book has won 19 awards. ( If I posted them all, you wouldn't have time to read my book review. So please visit these links Bear Snores On and teacher resources.

Synopsis: Review
On a cold windy night, an itty-bitty mouse "pitter-pat, tip-toe, creep-crawls" into a sleeping bear's cozy lair, looking for relief from the bitter winter weather. Soon he is joined by a veritable menagerie of woodland animals, and the party begins. Popping corn, brewing tea, tweeting, and chatting, the critters enjoy themselves thoroughly while the bear slumbers through it all. Until, that is, an errant pepper flake from the simmering stew wakes him up with a giant sneeze. As the bear goes from ferocious snarls and rumbles to pitiful whimpers, his uninvited guests realize what the problem is.
You've snuck in my lair
and you've all had fun!
But me? I was sleeping
I have had none!
Not to worry. Mouse knows just what to do.

Why I like this book:
Let me just say Karma is amazing at telling a story in rhyme. This book was so much fun to read. I can't say that it is my favorite, because my 2nd graders and I love them all! As a teacher it sparked great vocabulary lessons and was a great piece to to use in my writer's workshop to focus on the craft of vivid verbs. 

Critique for Room 502:
My students loved, loved this book. I think some of my enthusiasm wore off on them. If you were to pole my class, and ask the question, who is one of your favorite bear authors, hands down the winner would be Karma Wilson. We are doing a unit on Alaska and studying the bears that live there. The kids connected instantly to the book. Besides bear, their favorite little character was mouse. When we reached the ending, they responded "Karma tricked us".They love it when books end in a surprise way. And Yes they know her by name- I have to take credit for that one-  They loved the part when bears thinks they are having a party without him. 
I have one little boy who burst into his infectious laugh...which started others to laugh. Yes , I did too! We were having great time on the carpet. They love to read rhyme. 
We have a tradition in my classroom when one of the students is absent we sing a wish you well song, sending them love and hope that they will return soon. My little giggler, said "Bear's friends need to sing him, the Wish you well song."so he can feel better. Out of all the books I have in my classroom library, Karma's bear books are the most worn because they love to sit and read them over and over again. For a teacher, this is a beautiful sight. The critics from room 502 give Bear Snores On two thumbs up and a giggle.


  1. I LOVE Karma Wilson 'bear' books!!! and so do the kids!!! The repeating line poems give them something to 'join in' on! I loved reading them to the preschoolers at storytime!

  2. I bet you couldn't tell I do too! lol Thanks for sharing. Happy reading and writing.

  3. One of my all-time favorites and a MUST to study if you want to write in rhyme.

  4. I echo Julie. This is an absolute winner. I can read Karma's books agin and again, like the kids!

    1. You are right Julie, her books are delightful and all-time favorites!

      Joanna, I'm with you, I will never get tired of these books.

  5. Oh, this post reminds me of when my little boys were in 2nd grade. I helped in the class, and loved to watch and listen as their teacher read stories.

    1. Kids are so funny some times. So glad you stopped and checked out my blog.

  6. That is so sweet about the Wish You Well song. I think it's very interesting to see what children say about the books. Thanks for a great experience in sharing this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Christie. The wish you well song is part of a program that I implement with my students called conscious discipline. Glad you enjoyed the critic from 502.

      Happy Reading and Writing:)

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  8. Love the kiddo perspective!! This whole review is great! Nice work...

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words.

  9. This made my day! Thank you! Karma

    1. Karma you made my day just for stopping by. Thank you so much! We love you.