Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Picture Book Review: A Dress for Me

Today's book, A Dress for Me by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Mike Laughead

ISBN-13: 9780761461487
  • Publisher: Amazon Childrens Publishing
  • Publication date: 3/20/2012
  • Age range: 4 - 7 Years
Book Description from Amazon:

Should we shop now? I say, Yes! Mom says I can choose a dress! Hippo is looking for a new dress There are so many choices! Dresses with beads and fringe, dresses with shiny sequins, dresses with stripes and checkers, and more! Watch me as I try them all! Will Hippo find the perfect dress? Sue Fliess's rhyming text and Mike Laughead's adorable digital illustrations bring to life Hippo's exciting day at the mall.

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Why I liked this book:
I was delighted when Sue ask me if I would read her book " Dress for Me" to my class. The moment I opened the pages and began to read, I knew I was going to love this book... it rhymed! And what girl doesn't like shopping. I actually used this book in a writing lesson. I found not only did the kids love the story but I could use it as a teaching tool. My writing lesson on adjectives and descriptive words was a hit. My favorite line is

Satin, strapless, for the prom. "Too grown-up for you," says Mom.

I had to explain what a prom was and that made all of the girls laugh! There is nothing better than the laughter of children.

Critique from Room 101

The girls loved this book. Even though it's suggested age is 4-7 my 8 and 9 year made such a connection to finding the perfect dress. At my school the students do not wear uniforms so don't you know that all my little divas come dressed from head to toe. I ask my class to write a few words  to Sue about what they liked about her book and this is what they had to say:

Dear Mrs. Fliess,
Thank you for giving Mrs. Velasquez books to read to us. Please can you make a snickerdoodle book?~Alexis.

Dear Mrs. Sue,
I like the book, "A Dress for Me" because I like books that are made up. You made the hippo with hair and clothes. I like how you put rhyming words in it. It is so cool. I love this book a lot. I am in second grade~ Ti'liyah.

Dear Mrs. Sue,
I like the story called "A Dress for Me." It made me think of when my friend had the perfect dress. It has straps and pink and purple flowers. So she tried it on and it was just right.~ Rickia

My students enjoyed this book. They asked if it was going to be put in the box that says" Mrs. Velasquez's favorites. They know if I put it in the box they can read it over and over too!  And it was. So the girls from room 101 give it a two thumbs up.

I do have to mention that I also read "Tons of Trucks" to my class. You will have to come back next Thursday and see what the critics from Room 101 have to say about it.

Sue has written many others books so please make sure to stop by her web page and take a look around.


  1. So cute! Great choice. You nailed it and so did the kids.

    1. Genevieve, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed this book review.

  2. This sounds really cute! Thanks for sharing this oen Cheryl.

    1. Jennifer your girls will love this one. Thanks for coming by.
      Happy reading and writing!

  3. Cheryl, thanks so much for reviewing and posting this. Please thank the children for all of their thoughtful letters, and do let Alexis know that Snickerdoodles are my absolute favorite kind of cookie - I'm not making that up!

    1. Sue, my class would like you to have their letters. I got a few pictures of them loving your books. Thanks for stopping by! See you next week for the review of Tons of Trucks :)

  4. Love that the MC is a hippo! Always enjoy your class's responses, Cheryl.